Rhapiderus spinigerus.

Origin -
La Réunion, an island east of Madagascar and west of Mauritius.

Food -
Hypericum, Rhododendron, Eucalyptus gunnii.

Adult length female -
about 6 cm, male = 5.5 cm

Terrarium -
this species is best kept in a flexarium or butterfly cage. If a terrarium is used, you should provide of several ventilation strips.

Incubation time eggs -
4 to 6 months, nymphs hatch numerously when the eggs are not kept too dry.

Experience with this species -
These are not for everyone. My experience with this species is that the culture weakens when Eucalyptus gunnii is not regularly offered. They clearly do not tolerate heat, temperatures above 25 degrees are poorly tolerated. They lay a lot of eggs, which differ greatly in size. It is advisable to throw away or freeze the smallest and deformed eggs.

The biggest and strongest nymphs come from the largest eggs!! Some generations have lots of males, sometimes even 70% males / 30% females.

They eat a lot, make sure you are richly provided with food plants!! And finally, as with all phasmids, do not keep too many animals in the same enclosure.

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