Phyllium tobeloense 'Galela'

Origin -
Galela (Halmahera, Moluccas, Indonesia)

Food -
Bramble, oak, guava, salal

Adult sizes -
Females 9.5 – 10.5 cm
Males around 6cm

Keeping As eggs I find best to place on top of Vermiculite. Kept this damp but not wet. At a temperature of around 24c, They hatch after around 4 months time depending on temperature. The higher it is the quicker they will be, but I find it too hot or too cold you get only one sex. I then place them in a small tub with mesh front, stuff this full of food so it touches all sides and top. Gently spray once a day. Once they have molted a couple of times, I move them to a big cage That's totally meshed. But I then spray the floor so the tissue is damp at all times. Males will become adult after 5 months and females around 6-7 months. They will then start laying eggs after around 3-4 weeks.

They can be stunning colors, and I find if you place dying leaves of a range of colors in with the food they are really stunning.

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