Necroscia annulipes

Origin -
Tapah Hills, Malaysia

Food -
privet, lilac, jasmine (Philadelphus sp.), Osmanthus

Adult length -
woman about 9 cm, male about 7 cm

Terrarium -
Very well ventilated, at least 2 opposite ventilation strips, but even better is a mesh cage, butterfly cage or flexarium.

Incubation time eggs -
4 to 5 months. Eggs don't need too much spraying.

Experience with this species -
Easy kind, very colourful. Both sexes look exactly alike, except males are a lot smaller.
Nymphs are bright green, almost fluorescent, and are about 2 cm long. Until L2/L3, nymphs are usually found on the midrib of a leaf, where they are extremely hard to spot. Be very careful that you do not throw them away when changing the foodplants.

Nymphs and adults should not be sprayed too much. For nymphs, too much humidity can be fatal.

Adult after 4 months, 2 weeks later ready to mate. After fertilization it takes another two weeks for the females to start with oviposition.

They prefer to "drill" their eggs in a moist, soft substrate, but a piece of peat block or OASIS can be used (keep moist). They lay a lot of eggs!! In the absence of a suitable egg-laying medium, the female will continually knock her rear end against the walls and bottom of the cage, causing a repetitive ticking sound.

In case of disturbance a smelly repellent is sprayed, which smells a bit like freshly mowed grass. They will also try to fly away as quickly as possible, and then their beautiful pink, almost red wings become visible.

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