Myronides sp. "Peleng".

Origin -
The island of Peleng, at the eastern tip of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Food -
Blackberry, oak, rose, raspberry, beech, eucalyptus, hazel, Photinia, Hypericum...

Adult length -
Females about 10 cm, males about 7.5 cm. -Terrarium: well ventilated, keep moist.

Incubation time eggs -
about 4 months, keep eggs moist.

Experience with this species -
Easy to breed, very slow growth. Nymphs fluo green with black and white striped legs. They grow much faster when you keep them warmer. In a warm place (about 30 ° Celsius) it only tool them 5.5 months to reach adulthood. They are very quiet and relaxed, hardly disturb each other during moulting, but it is advisable not to keep too many animals in the same cage. Overpopulation can lead to stress, smaller animals (dwarfism) and casualties by passing peers. Males take a deep, shiny mix of blue and green colours after their last moult, and then turn to their final orange-brown colour. Females vary greatly. One female becomes greener, the other will be a little bit more blue. But what they all have in common is that beautiful emerald sheen that is so typical for this species.

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