Hesperophasma sp. "La Ciénaga"

Origin -
The Dominican Republic in wet Forrest

Size -
males 6cm slim, females 7cm a lot wider than males.

Life span -
around 5-6 months for males and females 7-9 months

Egg incubation -
around 3 months at 24c they have a high hatch rate

Colour -
They can change color from dark brown to patchy green depending on the environment.

Temperature -
24c is good.

Humidity -
high but not wet, I keep in a plastic tub with small mesh vent. But I do not spray them.

Food plants -
Bramble, Hidcote, salal

Eggs/hatching -
Keep the eggs on vermiculite as this holds humidity better. In a plastic tub. Have a small air vent made of fine mesh. spray them once a week. A temperature of 24c is good and they should then start hatching after 3 months.

Keeping -
These are very easy to keep. Starting with a small tank around 15cm is good with a small mesh opening on the top. Place tissue on the bottom and gently spray it. If you can get the small baby food glass jars these are very good to then place in the middle of the tank with water in, and then place your stems of the food plant into the water. Place a small piece of bark on the back wall of the tank as they like to hide in the day time. They are very tiny to start with some around 1 cm so, when cleaning be careful not to miss any. They also have a very good grip so be careful when trying to move them to fresh food. They grow quite fast and males will become adult around 3 months later and females around 5 months. I tend to keep them in 30cm tall tanks, once they have moulted a couple of times.

Breeding -
This is done naturally and not long after the female has turned adult. About two weeks later females will start to lay eggs. They just let them drop to the bottom. They drop around 4 eggs a day.

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