Autolyca hercleana Tegucigalpa

Origin –

Size –
Females are 6cm and males 5.5 cm, but males are a lot skinner.

Life span –
Unknown as mine are sill alive, but will update.

Colour – nymphs start out black with white strips and dots. Adults are a deep red, with brighter red marks on their legs.

Temperature –
Room temperature is fine around 20-24c

Humidity –
Mid humidity I have never sprayed mine and they have moulted fine.
Food plants –

Eggs -
Eggs are 5mm long, brown and tiny white lines. They can start hatching from 3 months but some can take a lot longer and while some of mine are adults the eggs from the same batch are still hatching.

Keeping – although they are best kept in plastic glass tanks they cannot climb these sides very well. So place long thick twigs along the back of tank. And the top of tank needs to be a ridged mesh for hanging off.

They grow very fast and will be adult in 4-5 months.
The females are a lot fatter than males. And males will once on the back of a female stay there as long as possible. If there are more males than female’s fights will break out trying to mate.

At this stage they need a tub with sand in (not too damp) and big enough for the female to lay her eggs, which is done in a strange way. The female will curve her rear end over her head and dig in the sand. There she will lay a clutch of eggs.

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