Asystata sp Quezon np

Origin -
south-west Luzon

Size -
males are around 6-7 cm long, females 8-9 cm long

Life span -
around 8 months

Eggs -
2mm, dark colour, round

Colour -
females are patched brown and white, males brown, but patches on wings.

Temperature -
23-24 c

Humidity -
around 60-70%

Food plants -
Hypericum/ hidcote

Eggs Hatching -
Keep on slightly damp sand , but be careful as they will go mouldy, so I recommend leaving some springtails in the box with the eggs. Very fast at hatching, from around 5 weeks, high hatch rate; over 90%.

Keeping -
I find best to keep in a plastic type cage , with cut out mesh whole on front. This way just keep the tissue on the bottom damp and only spray in hot weather. They have no problem with settling down and starting to eat. They grow very fast and males will be adult after only 2 months and females around 2 1/2 - 3 months. I find you have to change the water in the food jar often as it starts to go bad very fast.

Breeding -
Very easy, they just drop their eggs to the floor in large amounts ready for collection. Have been known to "breed like wildfire".

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