Asceles sp. "Khao Yai"

Origin -
Collected then near the Khao Yai National Park in Thailand.

Size -
Males smaller and thinner than females males are around 7cm females 8-9 cm

Life span -
12 months Eggs - eggs are white, 3mm. Time 2-3 months. High hatch rate.

Colour -
Green or brown with yellow wings

Temperature -
24-27c Humidity - mid/high. 80 %

Food/plants -
Bramble, rose, salal

Eggs Hatching -
The eggs are stuck all around the cage. From on the leaves, paper bottom, and sides of the tank. You have to be very careful removing them as they are not very strong and break easily. I just place them on to Vermiculite in a Cricket Box. And they hatch fine. They quick incubation and hatch after 2 months.

Keeping -
To start with they need higher humidity. So I keep in a plastic tub with a mesh-covered hole in the top. With damp tissue on the bottom. Do not let the side mist up too much as nymphs will get stuck in the water. After a few moults, I move to a fish tank on end with the hole front as mesh. But keep the kitchen roll on bottom damp at all times. They grow quite fast and after 6 months will be adult. They are very active and both sexes fly very well. They do like to escape and as soon as the door is open they are there trying to get out.

Breeding -
They start breeding after only a couple of weeks, and then the females will start to lay eggs. I’ve had 78 eggs from one female in a week, but normally is around 50-60 eggs per week. They start off white color but you can see them turn greyish as the nymphs grow inside.

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