Asceles margaritatus west philippines

Origin –

Size –
Females 5-6 cm, males 4-5 cm

Life span – 18 months

Colour –
Females a light brown, males brown, nymphs start of a green colour.

Temperature –
I keep them at 20-25c with no problems.

Humidity -
High, spray in the evening before they wake up.

Food plants –
Hypericum, eucalyptus, oak,

Eggs -
Eggs start off a white with moulted brown colour. They are oval in shape. As the nymphs grow inside the white turns more greyish.
They have a short hatch time 3-4 months even less in warmer temptures.
The females like to stab them into leaves and the tissue of the floor. I find it better if you stick bunched up tissue along the back and sides of the cage, as they will happily use this to place their eggs.

Keeping –
I raise the nymphs with the adults with no problems. They like to hide in the day in the bunched up tissue I stick in the back and sides of the tank, making them easy to clean. As if they are disturbed they fall and run very fast.
I keep them in a glass tank with mesh on top, which helps with the humidity they need.
They grow very fast and will be adult in 5 months or less, but will live a good 8 + months once adult.

You can tell males from females very easy as the females are flat and wide compared to the males, which are more cylinder shaped body and thin.

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