Aretaon Asperrimus

Origin -
Borneo (Sabah)

Size -
males 5-6 cm , females 8-9 cm

Life span -
12-18 months

Eggs -
cylinder shaped 4-5 mm

Colour -
dark and light brown can be made green

Temperature -

Humidity high -

Food plants -
Bramble, oak, rose, ivy, ferns

Eggs Hatching -
Eggs are laid into mud or sand, so a laying box is required. They lay lots of eggs and you can just leave them or pick them out of the laying box but it’s best to place into mud and keep them damp. They start hatching after 3 months and hatch in large groups.

Keeping -
An easy species, best kept in glass or plastic tanks but very forgiving if humidity gets low. Nymphs can be very nice colours if lichen is added but once turned adult they go back to the brown colour. Bark in the cage is a good idea as they like to hide in the day time. They become an adult after around 6 months.

Breeding -
Both sexes become adult around the same time, and breeding happens easily after a few weeks of the females becoming adult.

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