Alienobostra Brocki

Origin -
Costa Rica

Size -
Males 7-9 cm, females 13-17cm

Lifespan -
18 months Eggs - 3mm, grey

Colour -
pale tan, males slightly darker

Temperature -

Humidity -

Food plants -
Bramble, rose, oak

Eggs Hatching -
They lay a large number of eggs and seem to hatch no matter how you keep them. Mine start hatching after only 2-3 months.

Keeping -
They start off being a yellowish colour, tiny and very good at escaping. They tend to run very fast on opening lid up to adult.

They seem not to mind conditions. So they can be kept at a range of temperatures and humidity’s and still do fine. Meaning they can be kept in any type of cage. The tissue on the bottom of cages is best as eggs are tiny and you will want to freeze some so you don’t become overrun with babies. I class them as a very easy species to keep. Males are very different to females and are very skinny, with like a circle at the end, females are a lot bigger and have a long point at the end.

Breeding -
Very easy. Even though the males become adult before females they live a long time, so getting pairs is very easy. They lay large amounts of eggs that are just dropped to the bottom of the cage.

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