Acrophylla Wuelfinigi

Origin -

Size -
males are around 12cm and females 17-20cm

Lifespan -
12-18 months

Eggs -
round, brown almost black

Colour -
mainly brown, but have patches of green

Temperature -
high 25c+ Humidity - airy but humid 70%

Food plants -
Bramble, oak, eucalyptus, rose

Eggs Hatching -
Eggs are just dropped to the floor. I find it’s best to collect them and incubate on sand. Keep the sand slightly damp allowing it to dry before making it damp again. Mine hatch after 4 months at 25c. 6mm diameter.

Keeping -
They start green and grow very fast. They need a very large cage and need to be kept in small densities otherwise legs will be lost and Mismoults happen. As they tend to drop to the floor if touched. They can become adult after 4 months, males first and females around 5-6 months. They also eat large amounts of food. But will happily eat bramble from birth. I keep them in fish tanks placed on their end and then the top is the front. Which I make a completely meshed front for. Then once they have grown 4-5 moults I move to bigger cages of totally mesh but keep the tissue on the bottom always damp. I have lights over the top and keep at 25c. In really warm weather I place ramekins with water in and moss on the top around the bottom of the cage, as I find this helps with moulting.

Breeding -
This can be tricky at times as males moult and grow a lot faster than females. They also have a shorter life span than the females. So it’s best to keep or get males that are a few moults behind the females. After a few generations males can become more and more sparse. So it’s a good idea to source new eggs every 3-4 years to hatch at the same time as yours.

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