Acanthomenexenus polyacanthus

Origin -
Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Size -
males 4.5cm very thin. females 5.5-6cm

Life -
span both around 12-18 months.

Egg -
3-4 months to start hatching at 24c medium to high hatch rate.

Colour -
males can be black or a deep blue, I find if kept dark they are more likely to be blue. Many spikes on the body. Females are bigger and range from light brown to an orange-brown.

Temperature -

Humidity -
high 70-80% I find is best but no condensation on the glass as small nymphs will get stuck.

Food plants -
bramble, ferns

Eggs/ hatching -
I find it best to leave them where dropped on the coir. But if you prefer to separate then use coir with springtails in shallow tubs and keep moist. Do not let them dry out totally. 24c is fine. And they will start to hatch 3-4 months later.

Keeping -
Glass or plastic is best with 2 strips of mesh one in middle, one at top ( opposite side ) for air flow. Coir on bottom with springtails to help keep humidity high. They are a small species, but I have had no trouble with them hatching in the adult tank, so only need a 15cm tall tank. They are very small on hatching and green which can make it hard to find them. They will reach adult around 4months later. And then live another 6 months. Breeding Is done naturally and males do not pester the females so they can just be left together. Females will start laying eggs after about 4 weeks. I don’t know how many as I just leave them. They are dropped onto the floor and very tiny.

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