Giant African Land snails Achatina sp

Housing -
The snails can be kept in a variety of containers, A good container is a fish tank.

They are easy to clean. The snails like to burrow, so when you have your tank, fill it with at least 10cm of peat-free compost and a large piece of bark and a plant pot for them to hide in. Make sure that the substrate is kept moist at all times, but not soggy. moss is also good at keeping the soil damp. The tank should be kept at around 20-25°C, a small heat mat or pad can be used during the winter months. The tank should be kept damp but not wet, so when the mud is squeezed no water runs out

If snails are not kept in correct conditions they may seal the aperture (opening) to their shell.

Feeding -
The Snails are very easy to feed, as they will eat a wide range of fruit , vegetables and leaves , but cucumber and iceberg lettuce should not be given. Weeds from safe places are very good. An important part of the snails diet is calcium this can be provided by placing a cuttlefish bone in the tank.

Breeding -
If conditions are ok the snails will lay white round eggs. they should hatch after about 14 days at 20-25°C. as soon as they hatch give them some food and cuttlefish.

Be warned they can lay a large amount of eggs and I suggest freezing some so you don't become over run. It is against the law to release them into the UK.

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