Periplaneta australasiae (Australian cockroach, shade roach)

Origin -
Australia, but other places also.

Sizes -
around 3-4 cm

Temperature -

Humidity -

Keeping -
A plastic tub is best with a mesh square in top of lid. Place coir on the keep this damp with regular spraying. Plenty of dead eucalyptus leaves on top which they will also eat. Bark and plastic plant pots cut in half and good things for them to hide under. These fly and jump but are not able to climb. Females carry the ootheca for a while but then drop them before they hatch.

They can lay 20-30 ootheca each. And each ootheca has around 24 eggs inside, they take around 40 days to hatch. Nymphs have a yellow spot on the top of their abdomens. It takes around a year for females to become adult.

Feeding -
Dried dead eucalyptus leaves are a must. But they also eat fruit and vegetables and lettuce leaves. Water crystals should be provided also.

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