Paratemnopteryx couloniana (Red goblin roach)

Origin -

Sizes -
males and Females are between 1-2cm Adult males have longer wings than the females, making them easy to sex.

Keeping -
Temperature is best at around 24c

A plastic tub is best with a very tight lid as adults can climb. In lid a small hole mesh square should be made. Moist coir in bottom with oak leaves and moss on top. Also bark and plastic plant pots cut in half for them to hide under is good as they do not burrow.

Females lay a large number of ootheca which have between 4-20 eggs each.

They don't take long to hatch at the correct temperature.

Feeding -
They will eat a range of vegetables and fruits, also fish flake should be given once a week. I also make a food up using oats, good make of cat biscuits, cornflakes, cheerio’s, soup beans and calcium, grounded down to a powder.

I also provide water crystals.

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