Pachnoda Nivea (Green banana roach)

Origin -

Sizes -
males are around 1-1.5cm, females are 2-2.5 cm
Males have a grove along their bellies, females don't.

Temperature -
around 27c

Humidity -

Keeping -
A plastic tub is best with a square mesh top made in the lid, adults can fly and climb very well, But nymphs can't.

On the bottom have coir around 2-4 inches deep. Place plenty of leaves (oak is best) and rotten wood on top. Make sure the coir does not get to wet as this will kill them very quickly.

They are live bearers and females can have up to 60 Nymphs at a time.

Feeding -
Fruit eaters, they love orange, also one bakers dog biscuit a week is a good idea.

They also require water crystals.

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image coming soon.png