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Enallagma Cyathigerum (damseflie).


The male has a blue abdomen with black spots; the female comes in two colour forms and is either blue or dull green. This species is common throughout Britain.They appear to drift through the air, and they snatch their prey from vegetation. Damselflies rest with their wings folded length ways along their body.

What do they eat?

The adult dragonflys and the nymps (The stage at witch they live near or on water) are agile predators and mainly eat other insects such as dragonflys.

How long do they live?

The life span of damselflies varies between species and within species depending on environmental surroundings. After one to three weeks, the eggs, laid in water, usually hatch, releasing the larvae or nymphs, but eggs laid in late summer may overwinter before hatching. The nymph stage can last from two months to three years depending on the species, water temperature and food availability. They will develop quicker in warmer water and where food is plentiful. Life as winged adult damselflies is relatively short, with most living just a few weeks, although some species do live for several months.

Where do they live?

You can find damesflies near or on water (Waterfalls, lakes, ponds, rivers, mountains and even near tropical seas). They also live on grasslands as long as it has a fresh water source.

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