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Arion vulgaris (Giant Spanish Slug)


This slug was first introduced to Great Britain in 1954. They have a Brownish greyish back and a brightly coloured orange line at the sides. They have a small black head with short antennas.

An invasive species.

This species is high invasive mean there everywhere you go (depending on the country) after being first seen in 1954 thousands of them appeared in 2013 and were seen on nearly every street.

What do they eat?

They eat fresh leaves, plants and flowers given the name "Nightmare slug" by many farmers. There also know to cannibal and eat there species and other species of slugs.


These slugs like city's and populated places. They also like places with grass and leaves (parks, fields, gardens and forests)You may also find these near river, ponds and even your own house.

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