Spirostreptus sp 1 - Burmese beauty millipede

Origin -

Temperature -
22-26c day time being higher. do not place heat mats under the tanks.

Humidity -

Keeping -
I keep in fish tanks , but remove the lids and make my own , as this way the tank won't dry out. In the lids I make , I drill small holes about 1-2 mm, and depending on the size 5-10 each end. In winter I place heat mats at one end , this way they can move to a heat position they like. I don't use lights over the top, but they are in a light position to represent day night cycle. I collect leaf litter from the bottom of oak trees , remove the top layer of leaves and collect the stuff under, but also keep the top layer of leaves if brown. I mix this in with coir, bird grit or children's play sand (around 5% ) a few teaspoons of calcium carbonate, or limestone, powder form. And place some pieces of rotten oak in also , this needs to be soft. It needs to be around 14cm deep . On top I place the top layer of leaves more pieces of rotten oak, moss , a small dish with pebbles as a water dish and a piece of cuttlefish bone . Another dish for food. Some thick sticks for climbing .

Breeding -
To sex males have gonopoas on the seventh segment, this looks like a pair of legs are missing. So easy to sex.

Breeding happens often and can be for long periods of time. I recommend no digging up the tank if one millipede disappears, as she could be laying or moulting , and just wait to see if any babies turn up , do not remove them as they eat the adult poo in the first stages and this is important for them to do. But once they are around 2cm they can be moved to a separate tank.

Feeding -
They mainly feed on the rotten leaves and wood , but also eat fruit and vegetables, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, orange , a few of their favourites.

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