Chicobolus spinigerus - Ivory millipede

Origin -
South-Eastern United States

Length -

Temperature -
They breed very well at this temperature.
I use lights in room and a small heater to keep this temperature but a heat mat could be placed at the end of the tank.

This species breeds well in captivity

Males can be identified easily as the legs on the 7th segment are replaced by gonopods. The young should be left with the adults as they will feed on the faecal pellets of the adults, until they have started to get some colour to them . Then they can be removed to a separate tank.

The tank needs to be at least 25cm long and 20 cm wide. It should be filled with rotten leaf litter , your best finding a wood with oak trees.

Take the lose leaves from the top and place in one bag , then collect the broken down leaves, mud from under neath in another bag , place this first in the tank to a good 10cm depth. Place the lose top leaves on top with rotten pieces of wood , sticks and moss,

Make the mixture damp , I tend to pour water down the sides as this will soak into the mud , not just make the top damp.

Feeding -
They will mainly eat the rotten leaf litter , but also like a mix of fruit and vegetables, small amounts of fish flake , scuttle fish bone , eggs shells.

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