Sibylla pretiosa IGM 14 - Cryptic mantis

Origin -
East Africa lives in dry areas on bark of trees, or open landscape.

Size -
Males are 3.5-4 cm , females are 5cm

Life span -
Males around 8-10 months , females 10-13 months.

Colour -
Body is green but wings can be a range of colours from a blueish green , light tan, to a brown.

Temperature -
22c -27c day being hotter.

Humidity -
50%-70% night being higher.

Ooth -
Are small long shape around 1cm long. They take 4-5 weeks to hatch at 27c and humidity of 80%. On average 20-25 nymphs hatch out. They can be kept together with enough food and space , but I find they do better being separated as they don’t settle down very well. For this reason, don’t feed until they are 2 days old and only place like 3 of the tiniest fruit flies in a one time. Until they are settled and feeding well.

Keeping -
A tank of 15 cm tall is fine for these as adults. Place lots of fake plants and twigs high up in tank. Tissue on the floor is fine. They tend not to hunt , so flying prey is best flies, moths. I class these as an easy species to keep.

Breeding -
Copulation is short around 30 minutes and will be done at any time in the day or night. They like to lay under leaves twigs in the tank. They can lay up to 15 ooths but on average 10 are laid.

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