Polyspilota aeruginosa IGM 65 - Marbled mantis

Origin -
West Africa, in trees, brushes sun-exposed areas.

Size -
Males 8-9 cm thinner , females are 8cm.

Life span -
Males around 8 moths , females around 13 months.

Colour -
A marbled brown effect. Males have a Long Green line on their Wings.

Temperature -
24-26 c higher in the day.

Humidity -
50-70% higher at night.

Ooth -
They take 5-6 weeks to hatch at 27c, humidity at 50-60%. They are semicircular, oval and around 2-3 cm. On average 100-250 nymphs can hatch from 1 ooth. I don’t recommend keeping them together after instar 2 as they happily eat each other. They will happily feed on the largest fruit flies.

Keeping -
I recommend keeping sub adults up in a tank of at least 30cm tall. With a small light above. Tissue on the bottom is fine. With bark , twigs and fake flowers up the sides and over the top. They are hunters and will feed on all food offered, flies, moths, hoppers, roaches. I calls these as a hard species because of mating, but other wise are easy to look after.

Breeding -
Copulation takes 9-15 hours but I have had one stay connected for 48 hours. Make sure they are very well fed as females will just attack the males even if fed well. I find evenings are best to try mating them. They will layon the roof or twigs in high up places.

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