Phyllocrania Paradoxa IGM 10 - Ghost mantis

Origin -
Africa, they live in dry areas on brushes and shrubs.

Size -
Males and females are around 5cm as adults.

Life span -
Males will live around 7-8 months, females around 12 months.

Colour -
They can be a range of colors from dark brown, light brown, green

Temperature -
Around 25c for all stages.

Humidity -
50-60 % higher at night

Ooths -
Humidity needs to be increased to around 70% but the same temperature of 25c is fine. They take around 4-5 weeks to hatch and 10-50 nymphs hatch out. With lots of food and space they can be kept together, but I remove females at instar 5 to play safe. They will feed on the larger size fruit flies. But do not keep them to damp at the first instar.

Keeping -
A tank size 15 cm for one adult is fine. I recommend keeping them in the plastic/glass fish tanks with either tissue or bark on the bottom and lots of sticks placed at different angles, just be careful that they cannot molt too low down. Feeding These tend to sit and wait for food, so flying food should be used. Start with fruit flies gradually moving up to blue bottles, they will also take other flying food like small moths. I find these an easy species to keep.

Breeding -
Copulation takes around 3-4 hours, but the male tends to stay on the female for days and will mate more than once. The ooths are long and thin around 5cm but can be longer or shorter. These are laid onto small twigs branches in the tank. They can lay up to 15 ooths, but normally it’s around 10.

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