Parasphendale sp Kenya. IGM 264 - Giant budwing mantis

Origin -
Kenya Low down in brushes.

Size -
Males are around 7cm, female 7.5-8.5 cm

Life span -
Males live for around 9-12 months, females 12-18 months

Temperature -
I kept these at 27c with a drop at night to 24c

Humidity -
60-75% higher at night

Ooths -
Ooths are about 7cm but get smaller as the amount laid increases. Incubation is 6-8 weeks at a temperature of 27c, humidity 70 %. I've had over 300 Nymphs from one ooth going down to 9 Nymphs from the 11 ooth laid. it's best to separate straight away as they do seem to attack each other even thou they don't eat each other. At this stage feed the largest fruit flies available.

Keeping -
A tank size of 30 cm glass/ plastic fish tank is best. In the first instars, I found them hard to keep alive, I found keeping them on coir and having a net with small holes helps, as a lot will full during molting otherwise. I also found they do better with a strip light over the top of them. place twigs, branches across the tank and a couple at ends straight upwards. Food very aggressive and will eat just about anything they can catch and will hunt for food. Flies, moths, roaches, mill-worms. I place these in the medium to hard species to keep as I lose a lot in the first couple of instars.

Breeding -
Copulation takes anywhere from 5-12 hours, normally males jump on at evening time and finish early morning. I find increasing the heat can help females to lay their first ooth. They can lay up to 12 ooths but 8-10 is normal. They place them high up on the roof, or thick branches.

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