Miomantis paykullii. IGM 4 - Egyptian mantis

Origin -
Egypt, Cameroon, Kenya
Live in brushes and grass in dry places.

Size -
Males are around 3cm, females around 4cm

Life span -
Males live for 4 months, females 6 months

Colour -
They can be different shades of green or brown.

Temperature -
day 24c night 22c Humidity 50-70% higher at night time

Ooths -
Are about 2cm long and take 3-4 weeks to hatch. At a temperature of 25°C- 30°C . Humidity of 50%- 70% (spray them every 2nd day) On average 20-60 Nymphs are hatched. They can be kept together, but I find they do better when kept apart. They will feed on spring tails or the tiniest fruit flies.

Keeping -
These are a small species so only a tank of 10cm is enough. They do well on tissue on the bottom of the tank, but I think it looks nicer if coir is on the bottom with some moss. And a fake ivy or branches, twigs can be used to make the tank nice. As they are small, but hunt food, I recommend only going up to blue bottles or small hoppers. I class them as an easy to keep species.

Breeding -
Copulation lasts 2-4 hours. Ooths are laid on twists leaves. They can lay up to 10 ooths.

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