Hierodula majuscula IGM 135 - Giant rainforest mantis

Origin -
Northern Australia in the rainforest.

Size -
Both around 8-10 cm males are a lot thinner than females.

Life span -
Males around 10 months females are 12 months.

Colour -
A nice bright green colour.

Temperature -
24-30c night being cooler.

Humidity -
70-80% night time being higher.

Ooth -
It takes around 6 weeks for them to hatch at 27c and humidity of 80% . I also find they can hatch over a few days. They are round and slightly long up to 2cm down. On average 150-200 nymphs hatch out. I don’t recommend keeping them together after the first moult , instar 2 as they will happily eat each other. They will happily feed on the largest size fruit flies.

Keeping -
I recommend a tank of at least 30 cm tall for sub adults. Place lots of twigs around the diameter of 0.5 cm at top of the cage making sure they won’t full down when mantis is on them as they are heavy. Tissue is fine in the bottom. They are hunters and will take all food , flies, moths, hoppers, roaches. I class these as an easy species to keep.

Breeding -
Copulation take around 12-24 hours. Make sure they are well fed first as females do love to eat the males. I find either early morning or early evening is when most connect. They lay on the roof or twigs that’s are high up in tank. In average they lay around 8 ooths.

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