Deroplatys desiccata IGM 15 - Dead leaf mantis

Origin -
East Asia near the ground with dead leaves bushes in damp areas.

Size -
Males are 6-7 cm females 7-8 cm

Life span -
Males live around 9 months and females can live up to 18 months but usually, it is around 14-15

Colour -
Varies between light brown and black.

Temperature -
Daytime 26c night-time 22c

Humidity -
60-90% night time being higher

Ooth -
It takes around 6 weeks for ooths to hatch kept at 25-30c. Humidity needs to be high at 80%. Between 20-60 nymphs hatch out. They can be kept together up to instar 5 but I tend to remove females at instar 3/4. they will Feed on tiny fruit flies to start with.

Keeping -
A tank of 20 cm tall is needed for adults. I find they do best being kept somewhere without a lot of light, so on a bottom shelf is good. 60-70% humidity and temperature at 24c up to 27c. I place coir on the bottom covered in moss and leaves, twigs, branches. They will hunt for food but they don’t like large food items. So at adult, I feed blue bottles and medium hoppers, they will also take moths. I class them as a medium to keep species.

Breeding -
Copulation takes 10-24 hours and ooths are often laid very near the ground. They can lay up to 8 ooths.

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