Xenocatantops sp.

Origin -

Size -
females 2.5 - 3.5 cm , males 2.5 cm

Life span -
18 months

Colour -
a range of colours, Nymphs are stunning

Temperature -

Humidity -

Food plants -
bramble, rose, oak, willow, fish flake

Eggs -
Eggs are laid into the bottom substrate and are best left there. Try to keep the substrate slightly damp. They take around 4 months to hatch. They are very small (around 5mm) and jumpy when they first hatch.

Keeping -
They are best kept in a glass tank with mesh on top, where a light can be placed. They do like to sit under the light. The bottom should be a mix of play sand and coir; 80% sand and 20 % coir is best. This needs to be kept slightly damp, but not too damp. As when adult they will lay their eggs into this, in long cases. I find them fragile, and break easily. So it’s best to leave them where laid.

They grow quite fast and can be adult In around 4 months depending on temperature. But I find it best to not keep them to hot and let them take it slower. This way the adults are a lot bigger and healthier.

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