Lesina intermedia (Dragon headed katydids)

Origin -
This is my first try with these and things are going well.
Adults I kept them at high humidity around 80-90% and high temperature of around 30c , lower at night , I had them in a tall glass tank 45,45,60 , coir and moss on the bottom. I fixed branches and fake plants to the back and sides . Then I placed a banana plant in the middle. This was around 45cm high. It was a small growing one so was about 6-7 cm thick. I fed them on a range of food , fruit , carrots , fish flake and dead insects. I did try honey but they didn't touch it.

Once mated the male died quite quickly but as I got him as an adult , I can't be sure that was the reason. Soon after the female started to chew the bottom of the banana plant and then place a row of eggs inside. She did this every couple of days. So I moved the banana plant out after 3 lots of eggs were laid and placed a new one in. After 8 lots of eggs were laid the female then died. But I also got her as an adult. At first to help the banana plant recover I placed by window in the sun and and sprayed the leaves and eggs every morning and evening. These were kept just at the room temperature also the sun helped keep them warm on sunny days. I carefully peeled one leaf back to keep an eye on the eggs , I could watch them swell and then they went dark. At this stage I placed the plant back into a tank, it took 6-8 weeks for the eggs to start hatching.

The nymphs I've have kept in small boxes, 1 in each box. with tissue on bottom and flower foam ( which I keep wet at all times ). in the foam I've stuck little twigs to reach the top of the tub as the nymphs never seem to go to the bottom of tub and they didn't eat from the bottom. On the twigs I pushed bits of apple, with fish flake on top. Dead house flies. And other dead bugs. At no stage have I witnessed them eating an insects that is still alive and yes I've tried a range of different sized insects . But they are happy to eat dead ones. I've also glue gunned a milk top lid high up and in this I have a mix of ground down beans, oaks, cornflakes, cherrios ect. which they do eat small amounts of. In another milk lid glued up top ive placed water crystals and they do drink from these. But I also spray the sides lightly. I've placed a mesh over half the top for them to cling to , which is their favourite position right under the light. And then on top a plastic lid.

For ventilation I have two small squares (1 either side at different heights) covered in mesh.

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