erianthus sp versicoloured
(Malaysia monkey hopper)

Origin -
Sizes males are smaller but a bright colour around 1cm.
Females are brown and around 2cm.

Keeping -
These are best in a tall glass tank with mesh on top, coir in the bottom and a light above the coir needs to be kept damp at all times but not wet.
Just above room temperature is best around 26c .

Feeding -
Bramble , oak, Buddleia are all eaten well as well as some apple slices.

Breeding -
Theses breed very easy and females lay most of the eggs into the mud , but you will find some on the glass and leaves , to start with they look like yellow grains of rice , but turn dark brown as they age , the eggs are best left in the mud and any you find I cover with damp moss . Do not let the eggs dry out . They will start hatching after 4 weeks depending on how warm it is. They are very tiny when they hatch around 3-4 mm but grow very fast.

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