Cnemidophyllum citrifolium

Origin -
French Guiana

Temperature -
25 -30 c

Humidity -
high Bramble , rose

Keeping -
The eggs need to be kept at 25c, they are best stuck to a lid and Vermiculite around 4cm deep on the bottom , keep the Vermiculite very damp at all times, have a hole covered in mesh half way up. They take around 8 weeks to hatch.

Small nymphs -
I place in small plastic/glass tanks , with a small air mesh panel, I gently spray once a day. I keep the food so it touches the top and sides, but leave a gap from the bottom for moulting.

I slowly move them up to bigger tanks until they have moulted to instar 4. then they get placed into the biggest tank , this will depend on how many you have , but my tank is 60 inches high by 45 inches. I keep 8 in total in one tank.

Adults -
They take a few weeks before mating , and it’s normal to see the sacks afterwards on the females. Place old bramble at back of cage straight up with little twig bits of it. Place near a light, and the females will lay clutches of 12 to 20 eggs , around 7-10 sets per female. Watch the males as I have caught males eating the eggs. If you have a mesh top females will lay eggs stuck to that also.

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