Glomaeridae sp yunan

Origin -
china xishuangbanna city yunnan province

Humidity -
high, I keep in an enclosed box with only 4 small drill holes one in each corner .

Temperature -
I give a cold spell and then warm up to a summer one and then Cool down again

Nov-march 16-18 c dry season , but I still keep damp

May -September around 24c wet season I keep damper . This is basically the same as where they come from , the day time temperature is higher , but not that high on the forest floor.

Keeping -
I use the sweet tubs and keep 10 per tub . I have coir mixed in with rotten oak leaves and rotten wood , around 6 cm deep, on top I place lots of oak leaves that have turned brown , moss wild collected , lichen sticks and a piece of rotten oak.

Feeding -
They mainly eat the leaves and moss but do eat the lichen, also I feed mushrooms, sweet potatoes, apple they really only eat very small amounts of this, but I have found they also eat the hard fish pellets that you drop to the bottom of tanks . And will eat tiny dead insects in small amounts . But oak leaves seem to be the main diet and they eat large amounts of these.

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