Armadillidum sp albino


Temperature -

Humidity -
high, damp at all times

Keeping I keep these in a plastic tub around 40 cm long and 15cm high . I have no ventilation as opening the lid twice a week is more than enough. I have coir and rotten oak leaves and wood in the bottom. on top moss, lots of oak leaves , pieces of rotten oak wood and lichen sticks , but I've never seen them eat the lichen. I have found them a very easy species to keep and breed but it did take around 4 months to start seeing young ones. But then lots started to appear. And from my original 5 that I started with I now have over 300. In the time span of around 9 months.

Feeding Mainly oak leaves and rotten wood , but also eat carrot , mushrooms, apple, and fish flake.

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