Chrysina quetzalcoatli

Temperature -
20-25 degrees

Grubs eat 100% white rotten wood, this can be easily be found in local woods from fallen oak trees. It should be soft enough to crumble in your fingers. Oak is best, but sycamore and ash are also good. The substrate should be damp but not wet, so when squeeze no water runs out.

As grubs they require no lighting and can take two years for them to pupate.

Once adult lights are best.

As adults they feed on pine needles such as Weymouth pine or Scots pine, but also like the odd slice of apple.

The laying substrate should be the same as the grub food, and at least 5 inches deep. also, a couple of large pieces of wood placed at the bottom will help to simulate the females to lay each female can lay around 50 eggs which will hatch after 2-3 weeks.

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