About Bugsb4hugs

Bugsb4hugs have been breeding exotic insects for over 5 years and have grown to have a large customer following on facebook due to our great customer service and reliability.

About Helen Stuart

A little about me, I started keeping insects at around 7 years ago but have always had a passion for wildlife from a very young age. The first thing I noticed was the lack of good care-sheets and an easy way to access them. So, I joined many Facebook groups but only found people were not willing to pass on their knowledge or bullied people who didn't know the basics. So, 4 years ago I started my own Facebook group, with a couple of friends, and the intention of helping people find the answers they need. This group has grown to contain almost 8000 people! But with the recent changes on Facebook, keeping care sheets that can be easily found is becoming harder and harder. So, I have decided to set up this website, with the aim of making the knowledge required to keep such insects available to anyone who needs it. And so, I hope you find the website helpful.

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Email: bugsb4hugs@outlook.com

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